12 October 2007

Because it's there....Part IV

Our hero is getting closer to heaven with every step...physically and metaphorically. He's so close to the top, he can smell it.....and it smells like sweaty body armor.

Can he make it?!? Will he require a CASEVAC?!? Will there be a T-shirt at the top?!? Tune in next week for the gripping conclusion!!!

1 comment:

JoJo said...

Thank you for what you do! Your guys also! But climb mountains for fun? I have my Marine to pull me up! (which he did in Germany and Italy). Are you really looking for the enemy? I heard Hillary was out of the country. Hope the t-shirt is really, really special! I have on my Tullifinny Trot shirt right now! We'll race when you get home - but I can assure you - you will win! But remember you'll have my MARINE to content with! Call him if you need him (and his Marines too!) Love you lots! JoJo