21 November 2007


I took this picture the other day while we were at the ABP headquarters. I thought it was a little poignant.

Things are still very quiet out here. I haven't been blogging for a number of reasons. First, our internet connection has been pretty crappy and connections have been off and on. Second, there really isn't anything too interesting to me anymore. I've seen it...been there...done that. So, if you all have anything that you want to see about Afghanistan, make your requests. If the law, Afghan culture, and my SOPs allow, I'll fill them as I can.


Judy said...

That is an awesome picture, son. You sound tired. I know things must be tedious, but please watch out for yourself...We are all doing great..just missin you. We will have Thanksgiving on Friday..I'll have the computer on if you get a chance to call....I love you and Dad and I are so very proud of you. Love Mom

Anonymous said...

Jeff we would not know what to ask for as far as Afganistan goes. It's all greek to me!!! How about some pics of you buddies in the unit. What do you do for fun---do you prank on each other. I like the lighter side of war---not the guns. LOL

JoJo said...

Hey buddy! I hate to tell you want we did for Thanksgiving - knowing what you did for Thanksgiving. But, know we keep you in our prayers (as well as all service men and & women round the world). Spent the weekend with the Lt.Col. and she sends her love. When she was in the dessert many moons ago she sent me a
"dessert rose" - have you seen one? Did you ever see mine? Would love to see pics of your smiling face. Love you, we are sooo proud of you! Love JoJo & Uncle G

Shelia said...

One question...what exactly do your SOP's allow? LOL I guess it does get pretty drear over there man. Your Aunt has a good idea...you could always look for that stinky rose. LOL Smile when you can and know we're always thinking of you guys.