23 February 2008

Go Tigers!!

Hey everybody! Just a short one today. Our 1SG took this picture for me the other day and I thought it turned out pretty good. Of course, it was a picture of me, so naturally it's good!! About 2 more months to go. I can't wait.


JoJo said...

Can't wait to have you home buddy! What then? Will you go permanent active duty or stay in the guard?
love ya, JoJo

ps~we got a picture of Annie in chapel this morning-long story-but its sure nice to have friends. She was smiling (with her BC's on) and looking better than what she did last Sunday!

Judy said...

Burrummmp hold them tigers!

You are looking great, I just got home from GA, talked to Charlie & Heather...Lukie was a no go. Anyway they are doing good. Hope to get the boys down here soon.

Counting the days!!

Love you,


Shelia said...

Hey! I've seen quite a few of those paws lately! You look great, though I suspect that orange kinda clashes with the tan doesn't it?? LOL

Anonymous said...

Looks like you already have the doormat, now just get through that American door.

AmyWhit said...

Hey, Jeff! Just checking in on the blogs. Nice to see your smiling face! Not too much longer before you come home....take care, and I'll see you on the right side of the world.