01 May 2007

Play Ball!

I usually enter this portion of the year with mixed emotions. On the one hand, I love watching my boys play ball, watching their excitement when they get a hit or throw someone out. But on the other hand, baseball season severely cuts into turkey hunting as most of our weekends are spent at the ball field.

Charlie spanking one

Luke playing the "half-pitcher(?)" position

Charlie thinking about the "free snow cone at the end of the game."

Oh well, the turkeys can wait I guess.


jamie said...

Wow!! They have a REAL field to play on! That must be nice. Jake and Em play on Fort Rich and it is just a homemade field!!! They look like they had a blast and I would want the free snow cone at the end too! Give them kisses!!!

AmyWhit said...

My faves are the first and last. It was nice to see you guys this weekend...even if only for a few minutes! I can't believe how big your boys are getting, especially Charlie!

I think I must feel like you do about sports. On one hand, I wish Riley wanted to play something, but on the other hand, I'm not really sorry that I'm missing out on gnat-infested afternoon practices and early Saturday morning games. Thank God we live in the country and my boy can find other things to amuse himself.

I'll take a rainbow snow cone, please!

Judy said...

Good pictures, Sorry I caused them to miss the team photo! We had a great time and hope you all did too. I know the "property" lacks the comforts of home right now...but what dad and I see is not the "dirt" or creek; we see peace and even accomplishment. Nothing is handed to you ya know. Everything cost someone something. Dad has paid the dues and it's his turn. All he wants is for you to be proud of him, as he is of you, and enjoy the place with him. And maybe even in the future be able to say these same things, and enjoy these same things w/ your boys. We'll see you on Friday the 11th and for the big games on the 12th. and then we want get to see you again before you leave, so forgive us the intrusion but we have got to see ya one-more-time! Love, your Mom XOXOXO

Wendy said...

Great pictures of the boys games. I hate saturday games too. Ainsley's are during the week! 3 day's in row. And those girls are serious ball players too. Your boys are so cute!

Shelia said...

Hey! Pass one of those snowcones over here! I'll take a grape! I LOOOVE to see my kids (any kids actually) on the ball field, doesn't matter what kind! Wendy, I know what you're sayin about the "serious" ball players! LOL Charlie looked like he meant business with that ball! Luke, great job inventing the new position buddy roe! I would love to come to everyone's games!