03 May 2007

Turtle Prison


Trachemys scripta scripta

(Yellow Bellied Slider Turtle)

What is more aggravating than your wife catching a 7 pound bass on a piece of corn? "Nothing" you might say. And you might be right...if it weren't for turtles. These thieving reptiles are the squirrels of the aquatic world. They will do anything and everything to bite the bait off your hook while you are trying to catch that 7 pound bass on, say, a chunk of hot dog or cheese.
So, rather than keep moving our bait around, I decided on a different tactic. We started letting them bite the hook and then put them underneath the swingset. We started turtle prison. I figured this way, they couldn't bite our bait and annoy us. There were a few jailbreaks, but wardens Charlie and Luke were there to round them up and bring them back to justice. A short hearing was held after the fishing was done. All were granted reprieve but after serving some "community service". More on their sentence in the next post.


AmyWhit said...

Yay! You updated! They may be annoying, but that little guy in your first photo sure does make a bright and interesting subject for a blog post! Nice job. Now tell Heather to update her blog!

Judy said...

I agree! Glad to have you back.

The pics are great but the commentary is the best.

Love our time together, Love you all,

Mom & Dad xoxoxo

jamie said...

I was wondering if you were a fair weather blogger!!! HAHA! You know if you were in AK, you would have been taken to prison for putting the turtles there. LOL. I can't wait to be back in the south!!! Yes, for that very reason! That turtle has some pretty colors!

Shelia said...

LMAO! Love the turtle prison! I really like that top pic.

oldav8rswife said...

O.K. now that you've got them, what are you going to do with them, make soup? LOL