14 June 2007


There are three types of combat orders in the Army. There's the Warning Order (WARNO) that gives you basic info that something's coming up. There's the Operation Order (OPORD) that details the plan out. And then there's the Fragmentary Order (FRAGO).

FRAGOs are what are issued when there is a change to the plan. In fact, stuff changes so much in the Army that that is what we pretty much run off of 24/7. Well, transportation to the 'stan is no different. Long story short, I'm still stuck in Germany. I may be stuck here for a while waiting to catch a plane. Could be worse I guess. I'll tell you what...these Air Force people know how to live. I guess I can rough it out here waiting for a ride.

So, anyway, here's some more pictures from Germany....

This was a cool looking building on our way into the little base at Hanau.

This was some kind of cargo ship on some river in Germany. These ships are really short and wide. The bridges here aren't very tall over the water for some reason.

I knew everything would be alright when I saw this.

This was a little village between Hanau and Rhine Ordinance Barracks here in Kaiserslautern. The whole trip here was like this. Hundreds and hundreds of acres of neatly kept farmland with little villages scattered throughout.

They have windmills all over the countryside generating electricity. These things are huge. They are probably 200 feet tall.

This is a little Christmas shop here on post at Ramstein. I couldn't afford anything in there and couldn't afford to ship it back to the States if I could. Cool stuff like cuckoo clocks and handmade ornaments.
I'll blog some more if I get a minute.


Judy said...

Great Photos! Thanks for keeping in touch. Looks gray and kinda cloudy (like here the past week!)

I'm so glad you get to have the chance for this!


AmyWhit said...

You HAVE become a tourist! LOL. Beautiful countryside! Love the little Christmas shop too!

Judy said...

Hey, There is a really nice man, Doug Abercrombie, who lives at PF and his grandson is in he Beaufort Unit there at CP his name is Josh Brady if you happen to run across him. Tell him His gandfather says hell-o! Mr. A has a link to your blog also.

Shelia said...

Love the descriptions Jeff! LOL "some river in Germany" "cool looking building", yeah you're a tourist alright! LOL

LMAO! over the Walmart!

jamie said...

They probably put that Walmart there for all the military... cuz we can't afford to go to the little Christmas shops!!! Hey, you aren't walking around with shorts and long black socks up to your kneecaps with a camera around your neck, are you?? If so, you might look like dad minus the camera!!! LOL. You know I love ya dad!!

I'm telling you, I can send some SSG to ya to help you out, if you want!! Hey, if you stay there long enough, Shane says Oktoberfest is awesome there!!

I love ya!!!

Heather said...

Hey babe--could you please email me soon? I love the pictures but wish i could hear your voice. We got the video phone...

Anonymous said...

The rule is when you are in Germany---You must buy a Cuckoo Clock or you'll go back to the states pregnant. But somehow I think maybe you might be exempt. I bought the clock and I still went home from Germany with a baby! Enjoy you stay and eat a weiswurst for me. I DO miss that!