12 June 2007

Quick One from Germany

Hey everybody!!! I'm in Germany. Who ever imagine that some small town boy would ever set foot in a foreign country. Germany is pretty nice. The countryside is beautiful. It was raining when I got here but it's been fairly sunny since. I had to take a taxi yesterday to get to my hotel. The driver didn't know where the place was, so between his English and my German, we finally found the place. Oh, by the way, don't argue directions with someone in a foreign language on the Autobahn. It's not for the faint of heart.
My flight into Afghanistan (hereafter referred to as the 'stan) leaves tomorrow at 1140 EST. I fly into Bagram and then move to Camp Phoenix near Kabul.
To all of you, thank you for the prayers. Keep 'em coming. To my family, I love you and miss you all very much. I'll blog again when I get a minute.


Judy said...

Hey!!!! WOW! It is so good to see you! We'll just have to imagine the hug I'm given ya! It's been raining here too. Holdin' dad up so you know how happy he is about that!

It's so womderful to be able to keep in touch this way. So when ya can, and I know you are busy, throw us a crumb of info.

No worries about the prayers, the warriors are on it! From Alakas, to SC, to NJ, to GA and all point between! We got ya 6. I'm sure you've checked out the blog so you can see some of their heart felt feelings!

Love and Miss you too.

XOXO Mom and Dad.

Shelia said...

Hey LT! Your Moms right, the prayers are handled! We all love you and are so proud to know you and have you in our lives. You make Sheldon look pretty good bud! Be safe.

P.S. If you see my cousins Bill or Jason tell them I said "Hi" LOL

jamie said...

I can't believe that you are headed to the stan and you are taking pics in Germany like you are on vacation. You tourist. That is what happens when you send small town people to foriegn places, I guess!! LOL. I have a webcam and yahoo messenger!! So drop me a line!!!

Love ya and Be Careful for goodness sakes or I'll have to send Shane to look after ya!! You know you don't want no SSG breathin down your neck!! LOL

Judy said...

Ahhhh the love of a sister!

AmyWhit said...

Great to see you! Your mom said last night that she needed a webcam to communicate with you, and I offered her one that I have here that has never been opened. I'm gonna let Shelia help her get it all set up! I have my own mom to deal with when it comes to things like that! LOL.

God Bless!


Anonymous said...

Hey Jeff, you are in my prayers. I was thinking of you this afternoon, remembering the day your mom and dad brought you home from the hospital. You were so small, its hard to beleive you could be old enough to be where you are today.God be with you always....Love Ya, Nancy