18 April 2007

Artsy Army Part Deux

Here's part two of the Artsy Army...

Tank track...158 track pads per tank...9 bolts per pad...
and they all have to be checked every time you stop.

The Master Blaster. At least that's what we call it.
It's method #5 for firing the main gun.

We had cool stuff, but this is how alot of our time
was spent...pouring over maps and drawing overlays.

These are dummy rounds for the 25mm gun on the
M2 Bradley. We used these for training on loading the


Judy said...

Very interesting, glad to see you're still with us.

I knew when your sister told you not to be technical it would be an impossibility. It's how you have always thought. And I for one love you for it. Even if I do not always understand it...I'm glad you do.

Anonymos comment:
"you're a burr head" It's about anonymous as who the first president was. huh?


jamie said...

That stuff is pretty cool!! It is amazing how the army stuff can be very artsy.

AmyWhit said...

I love the first picture in the second set....or I guess it's the first set you posted. Love the silhouettes. And overlays...I do that in scrapbooking. hehe