14 April 2007

Folks sometimes ask me what I do in the Army. I tell them that I'm a platoon leader. That generally gets the "deer in the headlights" look. So I tell them that I command a platoon of 4 M1A1 Abrams tanks and can also effectively lead scouts in a reconnaissance platoon. Again, they look at me like a monkey doing a math problem. So below are a couple of videos showing what I do.

This is our graduation video from Armor Officer Basic Course. There are a couple shots of me in there.

This is a video that I found on youtube.com that pretty well shows what I'm talking about. I'm nowhere to be found in this, but it could just as well be me.

And when I'm not blowing stuff up, I clean up pretty well.



Shelia said...

WOW! No jeans? No t-shirt? LOL Ya look great Jeff! Your family is crazy proud of you bud!

Judy said...

Finally! I get to see you in your Stetson! Very handsome.

Were you just gettin your picture taken or were you speaking?

When can you come home?

AmyWhit said...

That was cool, Jeff. Thanks for sharing. =)

jamie said...

Hey you better watch your 6!!! j/k I actually got that from watching JAG... Dad will know what I am talking about. You look good in your Stetson!! I see these uniforms all the time, but to see you in it looks different. I am proud of you bub!!

jamie said...

Oh, and instead of getting all technical with what you do in the army, you could just say that you drive the tanks. They will think that is just as cool...

I always just say that Shane jumps out of airplanes, and they think that is pretty cool... Maybe airborne school is in the works for you???eh??


Judy said...


Where re you?