09 July 2007

Candy Terrorist

Can you pick out the terrorist in this crowd? It's the boy in the middle....sort of. While we were on patrol the other day we came across these kids. They were very curious but kind of stood off from us. That is until I brought out the candy. They were on me "like a spider monkey". The boy in the middle was the most pushy. He pushed the boy on the left out of the way to get to the last piece I had.

If you look real close, you can see a yellow building in the background. That is their school. They teach older kids in the mornings and the younger kids go in the afternoon. As far as schools go, this one is pretty nice. It's got about 5 rooms and a play yard. With the Taliban out of control in this part of the country, they also teach girls at this school.


Judy said...

Sheesh I missed this one some how!
Cute boys...but again I must say to beware. They could be playing you...God forgive me I want to trust them all but not with your life! and not after 911.

Anonymous said...

Listen to your mom, Jeff. You can never let your guard down even with kids.

AmyWhit said...

Isn't it a real shame that you can't even feel like you can trust small children like this?! I had missed this post too. They are cute kids, but I just help but agree that you should be wary (which I know you are!).

Shelia said...

This really makes me think. Hard. I know a lot of people say it, but, we are so very blessed.