16 July 2007

Flowers in the Dust

Mom had asked me about this flower in my "Bigger Gun" post. Somehow she saw it in the background. Well, I had seen it as well. I thought that the contrast between the dust, chain link fence, concertina wire, and this flower seemed somewhat like a metaphor for Afghanistan. So I snapped a picture and doctored it up a little. To date, this is the only flower I've seen in Afghanistan.


jamie said...

Wonder if some other army guy put it there??? kinda like the one that planted the grass plot!! I guess this just goes to show you that God is all around even in a dusty, yucky place!!!!

Love ya!!

Judy said...

It looks like a Hollyhock..Thank you for taking a closeup. It is a huge controdiction of subjects..

And I agree with Jamie....God is all around and He has been asked to keep a special eye on the ground you are standing on at any given moment.

AmyWhit said...

wow. Great eye to find that pretty little flower in all that dust and grime. Maybe that is just God's little sign to remind you that he is there watching over you.

Anonymous said...

God's beauty thrives everywhere. Give that little flower a drink for all of us that are impressed by it being there.