02 July 2007

Sunset Over Phoenix

Hey Everybody,

The sunset the other night was real pretty. I climbed up to the second floor deck at "Legoland" (Conex boxes that are used as housing) and got this shot. Just as I was taking it, a C-17 came into frame going to land at KIA (Kabul International Airport). As desolate and barren as this place is, you sometimes find beauty. It's usually fleeting, though.


AmyWhit said...

It is beautiful. I like the addition of the plane too. I'm sure that not everyone would be able to find the beauty in such a place.

Judy said...

It rains on the just and the unjust , God beauty is everywhere even in the 'Stan, to bad ,most of them do not acknowledge Him.

Speaking of beauty, I was going to ask about the flower in the last shot ( bigger gun) it looked like a flower to the side there?

What kind is it? you know me I gotta ask about the flowers. Glad to see you up and running and posting. Love and prayers MOM

Shelia said...

I'm so happy you had a fleeting moment of beauty! It's better than none at all! Chin up bud! Ask them what they did with the other part of the beach? Ya know....the water??