03 August 2007

Afghan Roads

The roads in Afghanistan are something else. You never know what you're gonna see. Take this for instance:

Just a boy and his donkeys out for a stroll...20 miles from the nearest town....at around 9000 feet above sea level....temperature around 100. Just another day in Afghanistan. By the way this is the only paved road in Afghanistan. At least it's the only paved road that I've seen so far. This is at Terra Pass. Off in the distance, about 40 miles or so, is Kabul.

Or this....apparently there is some farming to be done...somewhere. Not here. Again, we're in the Terra Pass....9000 feet or so. About 2 feet to the right of Habib's right tire is a drop of about, I don't know, 1000 feet. It's not straight down, but it'd still be a sad-face day for Habib and his three buddies at the bottom. And Massey-Ferguson has a monopoly on the tractors here. I swear everyone of them is M-F. Maybe that's the cause of all the malcontent in this part of the world. They don't know the joys of a John Deere.

And then there's the jingle trucks. You guys won't believe these things. I'm not even gonna start to describe these things. Once I get some good pictures, I'll post them. They defy description.


Judy said...

Yeah!! It is good to hear from you. Go it looks so...well dry and dusty!

Thank yo so much for taking time to let us hear from you! You are so in my thoughts and prayers.

Send all the pictures you can, I love it! Helps me at least feel like I know where in the world you are, even though I haven't a clue.

Love you Buddy!

AmyWhit said...

So you've solved the problem then? Do you think if we send over a few thousand John Deere tractors the terrorists will lay down their weapons, pick up hoes and become peaceful farmers?! Sounds like a plan to me. I'll put a call in to the CEO over at J.D. ASAP!!

Shelia said...

It's great to know you're breathing in that fresh mountain air Jeff! LOL Not exactly the Blue Ridge escarpment is it bud?

And will someone PLEASE pull the kid and Eeyore away from the edge!

jamie said...

Or you could push him over the edge because the little stinker (literally)probably has a bomb strapped to him!!!

Anonymous said...

I must say they have an unusual vehicle! If that M/F it is pretty modified with who knows what!!!

Nancy S. said...

I will have to show Willie the tractor in this pic. Being the John
Deere man he is, he will count his blessings. I love seeing the pic's of that dreadful hot place. I was wonderinfg is your new place air conditioned? How can you stand it without a fan or something? Be careful and take care of yourself.