08 August 2007

If you ain't Cav.....

...you ain't sh*%. At least that's what they say. Got a chance today to ride horses. The SF guys on our FOB have about a dozen that they use occasionally. They came down and asked us if we'd like to help exercise them today. Of course we said yes. The only thing that would have made it better is if I had my Stetson.

Me and White Devil

White Devil


Shelia said...

Hey thats great! I'm glad you get the other part of your uniform to use every so often.

Judy said...

Looks like great fun..well maybe fun isn't the word...experience might be a better word.

looks like a small white devil, of course you know what I have to compare him with...two fat sos.

It was good to talk to you to day..and thanks for posting the pic of the white devil..

How come some pic we can enlarge and some we can't?

Anonymous said...

Well if you'r Cav---where's the saber. Mike says that the Cav aviators always had all the garb to fly in Viet Nam.!!!

Jeff said...

He was a smaller horse and the picture was taken uphill from me (everything is uphill around here) so it makes him look even smaller. And I don't know why some pics won't enlarge. I was trying to figure that out last night.

Ms. Jan - I'm just an O-1, I can't afford the saber yet!

jamie said...

See your childhood days paid off!! How many guys got bucked off??? White devil really looks devilish!! LOL!!