09 August 2007

Latrine Rules

I told you all that our living conditions were spartan at best. Well, even in spartan conditions they are rules for civilized living. The latrine (bathroom) is no exception. I'll warn you before you look, there's a little bit of rough language - it is the Army after all. But I think it only adds to the humor of the situation. I apologize for the bad focus. It's tight quarters in there and the lighting is poor.
The first thing I have to explain is the pump. We don't have a typical home setup where the pump comes on automatically to fill a bladder tank. Nope, our water comes directly from the pump. No pump, no water. So when we're done, we have to cut the pump off or it'll burn up. Hence the reminders throughtout the latrine:

Then there is the general summary of rules:

The other thing I have to explain is that the toilets here are not like at home. They're backwards. At home, they slope from front to back with the hole at the rear. Here, they slope from back to front with a hole at the front. And unlike home, there is no water in them. So we layer paper in them prior to conducting our "sit-down" business. Hence, the next admonishment:

Once you sit down and close the doors, there is the following reminder and encouragement for those who didn't layer the paper first:

Like I said, there are some rules, even out here in a bathroom. I get a chuckle everytime I go to the latrine and read these.


jamie said...

Hey!! That is pretty funny!!! Like no one know what defacating means!!! You had better not forget to layer before dooking!! You might get potty clean up!!!

SSG says that they prefer to call it shit slides in the NCO ranks!! Shane's PLT had a poo burning detail because they had a slide pooer!!

Stay safe and we love ya!!!

Judy said...

I knew it..I knew we would get around to discussing bowel movements and poop. It always happens...ask my cousin Kelly..she'll tell you..IT's a joke in our family...

Funny stuff bubba! Maybe if you turn around and sit backwards on the toilet..like you did when you were a kid it would work better LOL

Thanks for keeping us informed..love to hear from you even if it is about bathrooms and poop.
Love Mom.

Jeff said...

Oh no you didn't....thanks Mom. That's just great. Let's just tell the world all my secrets. LOL.

Shelia said...

HA! HA! Funny stuff there LT. And why do you sit backwards on the throne your highness?

AmyWhit said...

lol. I thought all little boys started out backwards on the potty...at least until their aim gets better...or they're tall enough to stand!

I notice there was no rule about putting down the toilet seat when done......lol.

Anonymous said...

O.K. I appreciate another funny blog from you LT. But I gues your Mom always gets the last laugh!!!

If you get to Europe you just might come acroos two foot pads and a hole in the floor---al porceline just like our toilets!