03 August 2007

New Digs

Hey Everybody,

I have finally moved into my permanent post...if there is such a thing in the Army. I'm at Chamkani which is about 7 km west of the Pakistan border. I'm here with my team to mentor the Afghani Border Police.

My conditions are spartan by the standards of most, but really they are cushy. Here's my room.

Yeah, yeah...the windows are bricked up and the walls are concrete and plywood...sure, it was just sectioned off from an old warehouse...the bathroom is outside, 50 meters away, I know, I know...there's dust everywhere, yadda, yadda....but I've got a RUG!!! And a COT!!! And SHELVES!!! And my OWN fluorescent light!!! You come to appreciate the little things.

And, oh yeah (oops, top left), I started smoking again, Mom. But, I'm 7000 miles away. LOL. Yeah, that and I'm 36 years old. You know I love you...I'll stop if you want me to. Or at least I'll hide them next time.


Judy said...

Well it looks like you have better quarters than I thought you would, for that I am grateful.

If that is a persian rug, roll it up and bring it home!

Now, chewing and smoking??? One has got to go! and If you truly love me the latter will vanish..guilt ..guilt...guilt!! No wonder you can not breathe over there!! Your mother's brain piercing look is on it's way at the speed of light!

Dad's come down on the side of chewing too.(wonder why?) Smokes need to go!! Per GWB

Love you more than you know! Mom & Dad.

JoJo said...

Glenn can relate to the quarters - definitely looks live officers quarters! Smoking - just watch your butt!!! Love you and we are sooooo proud!!!

AmyWhit said...

Nice place you have there, Jeffrey! You've done wonders with the decorating! Did you pick up the rug at Habib's 5 & 10?! ;) Take care of yourself, and please stop that smoking! It's sure to get the best of you! Bill smokes, and I sure wish he would kick the nasty habit! It is so stinky and dreadful for you!

Shelia said...

Hey Jeff, aren't you glad noone is pressuring you about smoking??

Now really, tell your design people to give me a call. This is ridiculous!

jamie said...

Maybe we should contact Lisa Laporta from HGTV!!! She can do wonders with the place....

And if smoking helps over there, then by all means have one!!! Shane and his buddies used to smoke, dip and drink coffee all at one time!!! It can't be any worse than the air over there!!!

And SSG says, Cherry, remember, everytime you buy something from Haj, you give them money to buy bullets and rockets!...... Smoke one for me!!

Love ya!!!

Anonymous said...

So glad you are at least settled in for a while.No smoking outdoors at night, that red glow is a dead give-a-way! Be careful my friend.

Nancy S. said...

Hi Jeff I love your new place. That rug is to die for, not really I didn't mean that.

Its great we get to hear from you through this blog. You take care of yourself.

BobGross said...


Nice digs! It's a whole lot better than the GP small tent my buddy and I shared in Saudi in '91.

Smoking tobacco ain't good but it's a lot better than smoking other things that are over there.

If you do get a Persian rug, get a Qom silk rug - they are really gorgeous. At least 400 knots per square inch. Also, get a second receipt showing that it is a Turkish or Indian rug 'cause Persian rugs are contraband when coming through customs. Don't ask me how I know these things.

Keep your head down and learn a lot - that must be a fascinating part of the world.