07 August 2007


I know that you all were sitting in your quiet homes wondering what in the world Pakistan looks like. Well wonder no more!!! Just over my shoulder is a line of trees. They tell me that that is the border. Who knows? It's not like there's a line painted on the ground here. Off in the distance (don't know if you can make it out in the picture, it's real hazy) are the Hindu Kush mountains - Rooftop of the World.

But if you ever want to visit here, you better come equipped like this. It's not exactly a tourist haven.


Judy said...

Get your ___ back where you belong!!! Have you lost your freaking mind???!!!(sorry ladies).

Boy! Your dad is flippin out!

I, on the other hand, am quitely enjoying the chance to see some of the world...if only through your eyes...I am so thrilled you are finally getting the chance to see the world and to be what you have always wanted to be, since you were a little boy. If you had gotton this out of your system before now....you could be retiring, doe doe!!

Anyway, God willing you will be home soon and have lots of stroies to share with the boys and us.

Very good picture!!Love seeing you..you even look different..handsome of course, but more confident? more mature? Standing taller? I'm not sure but I like it!

Love you sooooo much,


Anonymous said...

That place doesn't look like it is worth living in! All scrubbrush and shale. Hope they have some more lush areas that you can visit. I guess those mountains are pretty dangerous. Be safe, praying for you.

AmyWhit said...

Yeah, I'm with Ms. Jan. Couldn't you have toured Italy....Ireland....Switzerland....Spain...Pennsylvania...anywhere but there?! LOL. I enjoy the pictures though! Good to see you!

Shelia said...

Pennsylvania?? LMAO! Just be careful out there on vacation LT. I'm know your parents will treat you to a day or three poolside when you get home!